Sinéad Rochford is an international Love Coach, she uses her skills in Hypnotherapy, Tantra and Women’s Circle facilitation to help high achieving women attract the love of their lives by rediscovering their inner ‘glow’.

Sinéad Rochford BA Hons, Dip Hyp, Nlp, Tant.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Tantra Expert and Founder of The Transformation Practice Hypnotherapy and Wellness.

Thank you for visiting my page and welcome to The Transformation Practice! THIS is my story.

I created this practice to empower humans who are stuck in a state of negativity and to bring together a community of people in a place where they can seek assistance and support for emotional, physical and mental discomfort. I offer both online courses and 1 on 1 hypnotherapy sessions. You can learn more about my journey and how I came to set up the practice in my blog.

My signature program ‘The Glow’ is a tantra infused Soulmate Attraction program, encouraging you to date yourself first! I created The Glow to support high achieving women step out of their masculine energy and into their divine feminine flow using tantric self pleasure, women’s circles and hypnotherapy.

I was previously as successful CEO of my own 6 figure start up, but I wasn’t satisfied. I was completely burnt out, filled with high functioning anxiety and 100 percent numb in my mind, body and spirit. I had graduated beyond fight or flight and was stuck feeling paralysed in completely freeze mode.

Pleasure was devoid from my life, in every way. My love life was a disaster zone, I was emotionally battered and bruised. I ask you, what’s the point in being successful in your career and ‘successful’ if you can’t enjoy it!?

My journey led me to discover that the ONLY place success can ever live, is within you. It’s not something you earn, it’s not something you reach, success is something you ARE.

My self development route took many a heady turn as I learnt how to fill my self love tool box with everything from ‘Mermaiding’ to Tantra; Women’s Circles to Burlesque and Arial Hoop, with a slice of Hypnotherapy in between!

Prior to this incredible journey of self discovery I was addicted to earning external love and praise. It took a hedonistic, holistic quest, for pleasure and self discovery to change my life for good.

Once I rediscovered my inner ‘glow’; my passion, my confidence, my desire and self assurance… I began to create the life of my dreams. I created this beautiful business and best of all, I effortlessly attracted the love of my life David!

If you are ready to start putting YOUR pleasure first, get in touch!

The Transformation Practice Hypnotherapy & Wellness specialises in:


The journey to wellness began when found myself at the peak of my ‘success’ 3 years ago. I was running a thriving, profitable company in Sydney Australia and it appeared on the outside as if I was a wildly prosperous, high achieving young woman living the life of her dreams in the sunshine, but sadly it was completely different story on the inside looking out. I suffered with extreme burn out, high functioning anxiety and depression. Every day was a struggle to wake up, to get out of bed, to show a smiling face to the world and my health was seriously deteriorating. It seemed as if the more ‘successful’ I became in terms of money, notoriety and power, the more trapped and unsatisfied I felt inside and ultimately the sicker I became.

My brand new day dawned when I discovered the power of Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming. As I learnt tools and techniques to reframe my thoughts and create positive shifts in my body and mind, I felt freedom rushing back to my soul. Lights of opportunity began to arise from the darkness and there was suddenly space where there had been none before, space to learn, space to grow and space to transform. I discovered scientific evidence in my studies revealing the connection between physical sickness and mental health. It was at that moment I realised that a life built in stress cannot be a healthy one. I have been through a deep radical transformation of the mind, body and soul using the therapies you see here at The Transformation Practice and now I want to share them with you.

She remembered who she was…

And the game changed.

-Lalah Delia

My professional bio…

I graduated from University with a BA Hons degree in Drama, Theatre, Film and Television studies. I had a bright start working for various Drama, Entertainment, Factual and Reality programming. I have always been a ‘people person’, I love connecting with people and learning about each individual person’s different backgrounds, experiences, beliefs and value systems. This led me to creating a basis for my television career in casting. I would interview and audition people all across the country in both the UK and Australia for all sorts of reality programming such as Big Brother, Bargain Hunt, Deal or No Deal and Shark Tank. It was fascinating decade of life experience and has given me a wealth of knowledge as to how the human mind works, human behaviours, innate desires and social interactions.

I am a wellness advocate for DoTERRA essential oils and believe that essential oils can have a profound impact when used to support health and generate feelings and energy to suit the circumstance. I have found them to be extremely beneficial when used with anxiety and depression to assist in supporting sleep, relaxation and mood.

I am channeled in Reiki 1 healing and have been since I was 10 years old. I began meditating at a very young age and have always had a deep spiritual connection with energy based therapies. I plan to graduate in to Reiki 2 later this year and other areas of healing as The Transformation Practice grows, please reach out to me if you are a healer and are interested in how we can work together.

I lived on a Hare Krishna retreat volunteering for 3 months in 2015, during my time there I practiced yoga twice a day at sunrise and sunset. This experience of living in the forest and working planting flowers and growing vegetables on the land every day led me to discover the power of mindfulness and gratitude. I immersed myself in learning about the power of energetic vibration, the law of attraction, non judgemental thinking and the mind-body connection. This experience was the catalyst for my return to wellness and opened my eyes to another way of life, living in harmony with the earth, each other and ourselves. Check out this diagram of a vibration spiral, you can see how in the centre is marked boredom. From boredom we have the power to choose which spiral we take.

I also spend time consulting in social media management and enjoy engaging with people online, I would like The Transformation Practice therapies to be available in online courses as soon as possible to reach a wider network of people in need of help. I am working on course creation at the moment and have multiple exciting programs in the pipeline so watch this space!