Clinical Hypnotherapy Services

During The Transformation Practice one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions , we will work together to identify and clarify your current problem. Next we will inspire change and positive thinking (and ultimately positive behaviours) by accessing your unconscious mind through trance.

Trance is simply a deeply relaxed state of being. Did you know that you fall in to different types of trance at various points throughout the day? Whilst driving, cooking and watching TV for example. It is when your unconscious mind takes the driving seat for a while, performing tasks whilst your conscious critical part of the brain can do something else entirely.

It all starts with the mind…

Your unconscious mind always wants the best for you, it has your highest wellbeing and is constantly supporting your survival and health. I will help you to “reframe” daily stresses, give you support as you uncover your inner wisdom by accessing untapped resources and provide you with valuable tools to cope with life’s difficult moments through utilisation of Hypnotic and NLP techniques.

To find out more, click the button below to book a free 15minute phone consultation with me. Where we can discuss the best options for you…

I’m confident you’ll find my personalised 1 on 1 therapy sessions beneficial and inspirational whatever your issue is. Get in touch to book a Zoom or phone call where we can discuss if Hypnotherapy is right for you. I also offer Transformation Coaching plans for those who would prefer not to engage in trance work.

Here are some of the areas we could focus on…

Quit Smoking

Time to kick the habit once and for all, do it for you! Book now, you won’t regret it. What is there to be gained? Health? Money? Time? You have nothing to lose.

Overcoming Anxiety

Anxiety, panic & depression can take control all too often. It’s time to set yourself free once and for all!

Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic and codependent relationships can leave you feeling worthless and numb. Do you need support in your recovery?

Overcoming Phobia

Whatever your phobia or fear maybe, it’s time to overcome it. Flying? Spiders? Or even PTSD, past physical mental or emotional trauma? Let’s face it together and transform your fear into freedom.

Fertility Support

Hypnotherapy can be a fantastic support for fertility. Have you tried everything to conceive and nothings working? Hypnotherapy could be for you. Studies indicate that ‘infertile’ women who use hypnosis have a far greater conception rate.

Managing Pain

All areas of pain can be treated with hypnotherapy, everything from ongoing, chronic pain, phantom limb pain, menstrual pain to dental pain or headaches & migraines. Pain is historically successfully treated with hypnosis.

Learning & Focus

Hypnosis can support better learning, improve memory and increase efficiency in study. If you need help with your studies, or would like to improve your memory skills. Book in.

Stop Bed Wetting

Bed wetting can be a troublesome, embarrassing & frustrating experience. Hypnosis can assist with accessing the unconscious mind to trigger change and inspire a dry nights sleep.

Sleep Issues

Sleep can be disrupted in many ways, sleep walking, talking, nightmares, sleep apnoea, insomnia, sleep paralysis and much more. The good news is, Hypnosis can help with all of these issues! Book now.

Healthy Pregnancy

Looking for a solution to support your mindset during pregnancy? Hypnosis can help to support a healthy pregnancy in so many ways, including overcoming anxiety, pain management, healthy absorption of nutrients and relaxation.

Alcohol Issues

Has your drinking crept up on you? What started out as a glass a night has turned into a bottle? It’s a familiar story & if you want change, hypnotherapy can help. 

IBS Recovery

IBS can be embarrassing, painful and downright debilitating when it takes your freedom away. Learn how to control your gut with your mind, book in now.

Sexual Dysfunction

Let’s talk about sex baby. Are you sick of feeling unsatisfied and out of touch in the bedroom? Do you find it difficult to climax? Hypnosis will help to set your mind free, so that your body can find pleasure. 

Self Confidence

Hypnosis is a powerful tool when working on the ego. Together we will transform your self-esteem and find the inner warrior queen within.

Weight Issues

Have you always wanted to sculpt your body and be fit & healthy but nothing works? Try hypnosis with The Transformation Practice. I’m going to support you every step of the way in discovering the inner power within, it’s mind over matter, time to beat the scales once and for all!

And much, much more…

Let’s start your transformation today!

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”